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Tel: (33) 3615 7400 |Av. México 2903, Vallarta Nte., 44690 Guadalajara, Jal.


The philosophy that rules Alcalde’s cuisine and service, is focused on the simplicity, sincerity and genuine as key elements.

Our menu follows with the seasons, it’s alive and changes throughout the year, incorporating local and seasonal ingredients to our dishes.

Traditional Mexican food it’s our inspiration, we aim to create new flavors and textures, offering a unique experience in our open kitchen.

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Chef Francisco Ruano


He’s in love with the flavors he learned to cook in the traditional Mexican cuisine, which he transforms freely and gracefully. A rebel and obsessed soul that thrives for perfection, he’s a permanent nonconformist.


His experience in European cuisines impacted his work in a determinant way. There he learned the importance of staying close to the earth and adopted the simplicity in his dishes presentations; two essential qualities of Alcalde’s daily exercise.

VIP Lounge

On our second floor, we have a VIP lounge with capacity for 20 people, private bathroom and the ideal conditions for your guests to enjoy an intimate and cozy atmosphere.
Servicio Catering Alcalde

Catering Service

Ask for our catering service and enjoy our Cocina Franca experience with your guests. We serve private events of different capacities.


We constantly collaborate with other chefs and business partners to bring you the best culinary experience. Here you can see our next events.

Oscar Becerra, Guest Bartender

26 Oct, 8:00 pm

Cena Maridaje Tequila Casa Noble

29 Oct, 8:00 pm
850 MXN

Cena Maridaje Tequila Cascahuin

13 Nov, 8:00 pm
1,200 MXN

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Great food. Flavors we're wonderful. Great service.

Pam Phillips

Beautiful and deceptively simple looking dishes hide staggering array of depth and flavour Mexican ingredients inform Alcalde’s menu but leave room for French touch. Everything we ate was exceptional. Deservedly acclaimed, Alcalde delivers in all aspects.

Jon Datta

Extraordinary tasting menu. The progression of the meal was flawless. Started bright and ended bright with earthiness in the middle. It is worth a detour wherever you are.

Larry Kantrowitz


Opening Hours:

Mon – Thu 1:30PM – 11:00PM
Fri & Sat 1:30PM – 11:30PM
Sun 1:30PM – 5:00PM

Av. México No. 2903

(33) 3615 7400